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What My Happy Clients Say!

After 6 miscarriages and 3 failed IVF treatments – finally pregnant!

Hi! My name is Maria and I am 42 years old. My husband and I had been trying for a baby for over 5 years. After six miscarriages and 3 failed IVF treatments, 2 of them with donor eggs, I was very lucky to find Andrea. I got pregnant naturally 5 months after our sessions. Now I am 21 weeks pregnant and extremely happy! Thanks forever Andrea!!

UPDATE – Maria now has a healthy son


Pregnant after 17 years

“I tried everything available, I got pregnant twice with IVF, but I miscarried both times, the pain was so high that I didn’t want to be pregnant again.
I am grateful beyond words to Andrea, she really helped me be a new person. She was so skilled and gifted! I recommend her with all my heart.”

Dorina ~ 44 Years Old

Struggled to get her second child

“I was so confused, I was so stressed out as to why my periods never came back. Andrea was so calming and confident, I was a completely different person right after we met. After my first session, my periods came back.
Andrea is worth every single penny. I would 100% suggest you do it.

Hailey ~ 32 Years Old

I'm Andrea Yearsley
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I am a Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists and the General Hypnotherapy Register.

I have years of experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Advanced Rapid Transformational Therapist, and Certified Women’s Coach.

I'd love to help boost your fertility with proven & science-backed hypnotherapy methods.

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Hello, I’m Andrea.
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