In simple terms, the brain is made up of 3 parts – the conscious, the subconscious and the unconscious mind.

The conscious mind

is your awareness at the present moment.

The subconscious mind

stores your recent memories for quick recall when needed. It also holds the programs that you run every day, such as recurring thoughts, behaviour patterns, habits, and feelings. It’s consciously at work, filtering the 2 million plus bits of information you’re exposed to every second. If your conscious mind attempted to process all this data it would soon get overwhelmed so your subconscious filters out all the unnecessary information and delivers only what it believes is needed at the time – around 7 bits of information per second. It does all this behind the scenes allowing you to get on with your everyday tasks. It decides what is relevant information based on the programmes that are running in your unconscious mind.

The unconscious mind

is the source of all the programs that your subconscious mind uses. It is like a vault containing all your memories, past experiences and the programs that have been installed since birth. It contains both memories that have been repressed through trauma and those that have simply been consciously forgotten and are no longer important to you. It’s from these memories and experiences that your beliefs, habits, and behaviours are formed and reinforced over time. You cannot, by choice, remember anything in your unconscious without some special event or technique.

Belly with Bow



  • The British Medical Journal published a study where women who had difficulty in conceiving were taught to replace their negative thoughts about their chances of getting pregnant with a positive belief that they would get pregnant. Half of them became pregnant. This was in sharp contrast with a control group who did not learn to replace negative beliefs - in that group only 1 out of 5 conceived.
  • Science has proven that your unconscious beliefs about fertility, childbirth, pregnancy and even raising children can block your ability to conceive.
  • 35% increase in pregnancy rates
  • In another study at Harvard Medical school, a group of women were taught to replace negative thoughts by positive ones. 55% of that group went on to have a baby as opposed to only 20% of the control group. An increase of 35%.
  • Double the success for IVF treatments
  • According to a study conducted by Professor Eliahu Levitas and his team at Soroka Hospital, Israel, hypnosis can double the success of IVF treatments.
  • The study of 185 women found that 28% of the women who were hypnotized for the IVF treatment became pregnant, compared to 14% of the women in the control group who had IVF without hypnosis.

Rewire your brain

A neural pathway, is a series of neurons connected together to enable a signal to be sent from one part of the brain to another. The brain is not a fixed structure. It has the ability to change. This is called the neuroplasticity of the brain. By forging new neural pathways you can create new habits and beliefs.

Neural pathways within the brain are similar to the paths you might find in a woodland. The more frequently the paths are used, the more defined they become. When paths cease to be used they gradually disappear.

RTT uses hypnotic regression to understand the root cause (thought or experience) that originally laid down an unwanted neural pathway. Negative emotions and experiences that have caused fertility blocks, can be released. New thoughts and beliefs can then be presented to the subconscious, prompting it to formulate new more positive pathways.


The human brain operates on five different frequencies: Each frequency has it’s own characteristics and as well as a particular level of brain activity and consciousness.

  • Beta (14-40hz) – the waking consciousness and reasoning wave
  • Alpha (7.5 – 14mz) the deep relaxation wave
  • Theta (4.7.5mz) the light meditation and sleeping wave
  • Delta (0.5 – 4mz) the deep sleep wave
  • Gamma (above 40mz) the insight wave

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of relaxation where the brain is moved into the Alpha state. It’s the gateway to your subconscious mind and lies at the base of your conscious awareness. In the Alpha state is it possible to access forgotten memories and experiences that may be negatively affecting you. This is the optimal time to re program the mind as it has an increased responsiveness to suggestion in this state.


Research on the success of hypnosis on fertility

Infertile women utilizing mind/body techniques such as hypnosis have a 42 – 55% conception rate as compared to 20% with in-vitro fertilization (IVF).

The Journal of the American Medical Women’s Association 1999 and The Journal of Fertility and Sterility 2000.

Hypnosis based on imagery and a relaxation strategy was successful in facilitating pregnancy. The treatment was considered to have resulted in beneficial modification of attitude, optimism, and mind-body interaction.

The American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis. (Volume 38, Issue 1, 1995, 22-6): Hypnosis in the Treatment of Functional Infertility.

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