Trying to have a baby without success?

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Your mind is the most important tool in boosting your fertility



Unconscious beliefs affect fertility


Half of them became pregnant

The British Medical Journal published a study where women who had difficulty in conceiving were taught to replace their negative thoughts about their chances of getting pregnant with a positive belief that they would get pregnant. Half of them became pregnant. This was in sharp contrast with a control group who did not learn to replace negative beliefs - in that group only 1 out of 5 conceived.

Science has proven that your unconscious beliefs about fertility, childbirth, pregnancy and even raising children can block your ability to conceive.


35% increase in pregnancy rates 

In another study at Harvard Medical school, a group of women were taught to replace negative thoughts by positive ones. 55% of that group went on to have a baby as opposed to only 20% of the control group. An increase of 35%.

Double the success for IVF treatments  

According to a study conducted by Professor Eliahu Levitas and his team at Soroka Hospital, Israel, hypnosis can double the success of IVF treatments.

The study of 185 woman found that 28% of the women who were hypnotized for the IVF treatment became pregnant, compared to 14% of the women in the control group who had IVF without hypnosis.


Around 50% of women struggling to conceive are diagnosed with unexplained infertility.  The fertility experts have found no physical reason why conception is not happening. 

It is surprisingly common for ‘infertile’ couples to conceive whilst in the process of adoption or after successful IVF.  So much so that couples going through adoption are instructed to take birth control….. 

Why? Because they have mentally shifted from ‘trying for a baby’ to ‘expecting a baby’.

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